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Terms of Sales

Article 1 – The general conditions of sale (GTC) can be consulted by each buyer. Placing an order implies the buyer’s full and unreserved acceptance of these GTCS. No particular condition can, except formal and written acceptance of the seller, prevail against the GTC. Any contrary condition opposed by the buyer will therefore, in the absence of express acceptance, be unenforceable against the seller, regardless of when it may have been brought to his attention. The fact that the seller does not take advantage at a given time of any one of these GTCS cannot be interpreted as a waiver of subsequently taking advantage of any of the aforementioned conditions.

Article 2 – Any order implies acceptance by the purchaser of the price list in force on the day of the order. The validation of the order will be effective during the payment thereof.

Article 3 – An invoice can be established for each order and delivered on request.

Article 4 – The goods are collected directly by the buyer when validating their payment in accordance with the authorized times (mentioned below)

Article 5 – The products are supplied at the price in force at the time of delivery and the seller reserves the right to modify the price without notice. The prices are understood to be net, excluding taxes. Any tax, duty, duty or other service to be paid in application of Territorial or Provincial regulations are the responsibility of the purchaser. Orders are to be collected directly from the Cave du Château in accordance with the authorized times (mentioned below).

Delivery is free in Nouméa, Païta and Dumbéa only. The delivery time is 24 working hours maximum from the ordering.

Article 6 – Payments will be made in cash. Any unpaid amount following a rejection, appearing on the invoice entails the application of penalties in an amount equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate. These penalties will be payable at the seller’s simple request. The buyer will have to reimburse all the costs occasioned by the contentious recovery of the sums due, including the fees of ministerial officers.

Article 7 – The transfer of risks on the products takes place upon payment of the goods.

Article 8 – The sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors. An identity document may be requested if there is any doubt.

Article 9 – The courts of Nouméa will have sole jurisdiction in the event of any dispute of any kind or dispute relating to the formation or execution of the order. This clause applies even in the event of summary proceedings, incidental demand or multiple defendants or warranty claims, and regardless of the mode and terms of payment, without the attribution of jurisdiction clauses that may exist on the documents. buyers can prevent the application of this clause.

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Online & implementation date: 10/30/2019